Seminole, TX Pest & Weed Control

waspIn Seminole, TX homeowners and business managers have everything they need to live their American dream. There are multiple museums that open a convenient portal to this city's world of history, and the communities here receive year-round protection against pests. Their No. 1 source is Advanced Pest & Weed Management. If you own property in Seminole, TX we want to serve your needs as well. We provide services that will resolve your pest problems and fulfill your lawn care needs.

Pest Control Services

Pests are brazen, stubborn and determined to do what's best for them and their colonies. It explains why pests are a real canker on the communities here but this is why you don't have to fear them: Advanced Pest & Weed Management is equipped with a highly skilled pest control team. When critters invade, we'll get them out in one way or another. Everything we do is safe and humane, so while our exterminating strategies will certainly devastate those uninvited visitors, they won't adversely affect your family at all.

What Pests can We Eliminate?

Here at Advanced Pest & Weed Management, we've put together a wide array of pest control services to effectively eliminate the common pests that infiltrate homes and commercial establishments. To be more specific, we deal with rodents, ants, wasps, bed bugs, bees, bats, termites, and cockroaches.

Any other pests that invade your property will have to face our exterminators, and we want you to know that we're adept at locating and controlling critters. We also have tried-and-true solutions for preventive measures. That's why we're confident that you'll benefit from working with us. Don't ignore that one creepy crawler that you saw in your pantry. Chances are there are more in your home.

Lawn Care Services

If you're tired of sacrificing quality family time to keep up your lawn, it's a good thing that you've turned to Advanced Pest & Weed Management in Seminole, TX. We're beyond willing to give you a hand; we're fully equipped to tackle the backbreaking tasks that are conducive to a winsome lawn. Our method is to develop a specialized program that's specifically based on your wants and needs.

Trash Removal

Trash can be anything from cups and bottles to paper and scraps, and we agree that it doesn't belong in your yard. That's why we'll gladly take the time to remove it for you. When autumn arrives, leaves will fall inevitably, but we'll come at the agreed-upon time to rake them up. When wild squirrels and birds bring debris into your yard, don't worry. We're going to get rid of the debris at once. We have the right collection of equipment to keep your lawn in excellent condition. We can even tidy up your parking lot.

Branch Removal

As trees and shrubs grow, they gradually lose their appeal, and their branches fall off. This is a big problem because anyone can trip over those branches and get injured. That's why in our professional opinion, nothing is more important than pruning. This is especially true if you're trying to achieve and maintain a well-manicured lawn, so letting us take care of your trees and shrubs on a regular basis will prove to be worthwhile.

A Company that Cares

Here at Advanced Pest & Weed Management, we're committed to keeping pests and weeds from destroying your lawn's beauty. Call our company today to get a free quote and more information.