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Even in a city with a relatively dry climate like Roswell, NM, homes are still in danger of a pest infestation. While some pests, like bedbugs and subterranean termites, thrive in a humid environment, others have no preference either way. Advanced Pest & Weed Management has been serving your friends and neighbors in this city since 1976, and we're ready to inspect your property for pests. Let us briefly describe what you might be up against.


While most ants are content to stay outside, they may enter your home to escape the winter. Certain ants won't hibernate if your home provides sufficient warmth for them to continue working in. Ants love to eat sweet foods - especially honeydew, which is secreted by aphids - so you'll often find them in your garden or in the trashcan. For this reason, it's important to take a few preventative measures. Dispose of waste as often as possible, and try to keep your shrubs from touching your home. Trimming back your vegetation will discourage ants from entering your home since they prefer to live in shade.


These insects aren't aggressive, but they can still create a nuisance by building their hives under eaves, in wall cavities, and other shady places. Bumblebees nest in burrows, so there's always the possibility of you stepping on one and rousing their anger. Wasps, on the other hand, are naturally aggressive and need no pretext to sting. Not only are bee and wasp stings painful, but they can cause anaphylactic shock in those with allergies to insect stings. Wasps build distinctive nests that look like they're made of a papery material, so the moment you see one, have us eliminate them. As for bees, we remove them because of their indispensable role in the environment.


These are tiny bloodsuckers that like to latch onto clothing and luggage and hide in cluttered areas of homes. They don't discriminate between high-class and low-class establishments because all they want is warmth and a food source. It's possible that you picked them up after a stay in a hotel. Because they mostly feed at night and are attracted to the carbon dioxide we breathe out, they naturally migrate to people's beds. They bite on exposed skin and usually in a row; however, they can go for months without feeding, so don't make this your only indicator if you suspect an invasion.


You'll find both kinds of termites in New Mexico: subterranean and drywood. The former live in the soil and tunnel towards wet or decayed wood structures that are directly planted in the soil. The latter are winged termites that like to dwell in dry wood. Drywood termite invasions are more localized, while subterranean termites will spread rapidly and hollow out your wood. There are several signs you can look out for. For instance, drywood termites leave behind pellet-like droppings called frass, and the subterranean type will create tunnels called mud tubes.

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