Rodent Pest Control

Rodent Control Services

When your home is compromised by a rodent infestation, it is important to do everything you can to restore it to the safe, secure refuge that you know and love. Causing excessive damage, rodents can gnaw through siding, electrical lines, food containers and more, putting your family and budget at risk. When dealing with these pesky creatures, understanding their behavior and associated risks will help you better formulate a plan to eliminate them.

What Do They Look Like?

Accounting for over 40 percent of all mammals, rodents come in different shapes and sizes, and the warm environments of New Mexico and Texas are home to a variety of these species. Many such pests can be recognized by their dark-colored coats and tiny talons. From rats and mice to squirrels and chipmunks, all rodents are identified by their sharp incisors. Specialized for gnawing, these blade-like teeth never stop growing, which explains their need to nibble everything in sight.

How Do They Get In?

When searching for food, rodents will stop at nothing to find it, and if no access points are found, they’ll simply create their own. Common entry points are found around gable vents, crawl spaces, roof joints, pipe entries and more, and they don’t even have to be large or at ground level. Thanks to their ability to conquer heights and compress their bodies, many rodents can squeeze through incredibly tight spaces.

Why Do They Infest Homes?

Rodents are constantly in search of water, warmth and food. Since humans enjoy the same life-giving elements, these critters like to be close to people, knowing they’ll have a ready supply of all three. Also, their ever-growing teeth need to gnaw at all times, and houses provide a host of items to chew on that aren’t found in nature.

What Dangers Do They Pose to Homeowners?

In addition to physical damage, electrical issues and fire hazards, rodents can tote around roughly 35 diseases that are easily transferred to humans. In fact, just dust particles from their fur or nests and contact with their waste can transmit harmful bacteria. They can also carry fleas, ticks and other tiny pests into your home. On top of these risks, many rodents are extremely smart, making them that much more dangerous.

With all of this in mind, professional removal services are crucial when dealing with invasive rodents, and Advanced Pest & Weed will free your home from these critters using safe and effective products. Our technicians are trained to recognize nesting areas, feeding grounds and entry points, and after surveying your property, they will customize a treatment plan just for you. After successfully eliminating your pests, our specialists will disinfect the affected areas, keeping your family safe from illnesses, allergies and more. If rodents are threatening your peace of mind, contact Advanced Pest & Weed for a free estimate today.