Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services in
New Mexico and West Texas

Advanced Pest and Weed Management provides premium pest control services to residents in parts of Texas and New Mexico. We understand that pest infestations are unacceptable! That’s why our technicians are trained to eliminate pests in all manner of environments and seasons.

Our immediate response pest control services are designed to eliminate pest problems and prevent pests from returning. We are experts in controlling bed bugs, bees, ants, rodents, cockroaches, termites, wasps, bats, and other common pests. We work closely with our clients to find the best pest control solution for their situation. Pest control services include trapping, baiting, spraying, and removing pests from your property. In order to protect your loved ones, we only use practices that are safe for your family.

Don’t wait until you have a pest problem. Take advantage of our preventative pest services! We examine your property to find access points that pests might use to penetrate your home. Inspections help determine whether you have an undetected termite or bed bug infestation. Our technicians construct physical and chemical barriers to prevent mice, rats, termites, bats, earwigs, ants, spiders, and other pests from entering your home. We believe that the best pest problem is the one that is avoided beforehand.

Because of our size, we are able to treat homes and businesses alike. Our large-scale equipment allows us to treat commercial properties for all manner of pest problems. Don’t risk losing business because of pest problems. Our commercial pest management programs keep your business free of rodents, bugs, bats, and other common pest problems. Our lawn care programs can reduce lawn pests as well. If you have a pest problem, call us for an immediate response!

Advanced Pest and Weed Management also provides weed control to keep your home or business looking beautiful. Our weed sprays and removal techniques are effective and lasting. We also specialize in removing weeds from oil fields, oil rigs, pipe yards, and other commercial oil properties.