Orla, TX Pest & Weed Control

waspOrla, TX, is referred to as the ghost town, but this city isn't as lifeless as you might think. Pests live in Orla, and they won't hesitate to move in with your family if you leave your home unprotected. That's why you'll benefit from turning to Advanced Pest & Weed Management. Our pest control services can be tailored according to your specific needs, and our pest exterminators can do high-quality work that will bring you peace of mind. Just know that we're licensed to treat your residential and commercial properties.

Bees and Wasps Control

When you spot a hive on your home, don't be rash. Knocking the hive down will send the wasps or bees into a fiery rage, and they will surely attack you. The safest solution is to let us deal with these flying irritants. We understand how they operate. More importantly, we have the advanced equipment to properly handle the bees and wasps. Our focus is on delivering satisfactory results in a timely fashion so that you can start using your outdoor space again.

Gophers Control

Gophers are really good at destroying beautiful lawns, so don't let them just run amok in your yard. Let us fight them for you, and your lawn won't be tampered with. Yes, gophers are quite skilled at eluding capture, but we're prepared to work around their trickery. We utilize our exterminating methods with extreme care and precision. Once we give those gophers the boot, it will be harder for them to invade your yard again. Our deterrents are proven to work like a charm. If you encounter another gopher problem in the future, we'll gladly come to the rescue.

Rodent Control

The scope of your rodent infestation problem doesn't matter, and the size of your budget isn't important. We provide our rodent control services at rates that don't break the bank. We also go above and beyond to eradicate infestations because we know that they have the ability to damage electrical lines, structural elements and food containers. From baiting to trapping, we're well-versed with using multiple exterminating techniques.

Residential and Commercial Pest Control

In general, pests just want three things: shelter, food and water. That's why no building is off limits. Ants, cockroaches and termites will seize any opportunity to establish a foothold in your home and place of business. The main entry points include cracks in the foundation and gaps in the roof. Thankfully, we have physical and chemical barriers that we can set up to keep all pests out of your properties. In some cases, a critter infestation can develop and go undetected, but that's why we'll gladly perform a thorough inspection for you. Rodents and insects won't cause you any more headaches as long as we're handling your pest control needs.

Lawn Care

Maintaining your lawn in tip-top condition is a tall order even if you have the time and the patience, so save your energy. At Advanced Pest & Weed Management, we provide services that will cover all your lawn care requirements. Are you tired of seeing trash scattered all over the place? We'll get rid of it. Furthermore, we'll trim the trees and bushes and clean up the parking lot. Call Advanced Pest & Weed Management if you want a program that will protect your lawn and indoor environment. You'll get a free quote.