Oil Field Pest Control

Oil Field Pest Control & Weed Control

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Oil facilities can experience unique pest control situations. An oil field may contain a gated yards, vacant land, housing complexes, and property with pipes and machinery that are exposed to the elements. This makes it easy for pests and weeds to invade oil field properties. We specialize in providing pest solutions to oil fields so that your operation can continue to run smoothly.

Oil field offices that stand in the open are often homes for rodents, spiders, ants, and other pests. Our tough pest barriers keep oil offices free from invading rodents and bugs. Weeds can often cover pipelines that lie out in the open. Our premium weed treatments destroy current weeds and prevent new seeds from sprouting. Pipe yards become a safety hazard when they are overgrown with weeds. We specialize in protecting your business by keeping pipe yards free of weeds.

Snakes, gophers, armadillos, spiders, ants, and other pests are commonly found in a pipe yard. This can be hazardous for workers and destructive for equipment. We are able to provide pest protection for large areas of land. Our wildlife removal services can keep your pipe yard free of snakes and gophers, and our weed control ensures your operation is free of hazardous growth.

Spiders and other pests are often found in meter housing. We treat meter housing to free it from pests and to construct preventative barriers for protect against future pest threats. We specialize in offering effective pest control in Odessa TX and pest control in Hobbs NM. Call Advanced Pest and Weed Management today for Carlsbad pest control and other surrounding areas and get no obligation consultation regarding your oil field!