Lawn Services

Lawn Services

An attractive appearance of a home or business property is not always easy to achieve, but it creates an impression that complements you as the owner. A specialized program can take care of your property so that it always looks nice and represents you with pride. Whether you spend time away on business or just have more important things to do, a professional service can help you maintain a property with distinction. Good impressions are almost always hard to make, but our professional services can help.

Removing Trash from Lawns

Wanting to dispose of debris from your yard is very different from actually doing it, and it may take more time than you have available. You may not have access to the equipment or transportation that the job needs, but delaying it attracts unwanted attention to your property. Vandals and burglars may see inattention as an opportunity to do harm. Visible debris is a detriment to the appearance of a well-kept lawn, whether it is un-raked leaves, papers that lodge in a fence or trash cans that wildlife over turn in the search for food. Not only unsightly, it can also create the appearance of negligence.

Removing Tree Branches and Limbs

Trimming unwanted growth from your trees can improve the façade of your home or business property, and that is often the easiest part of pruning. Real estate needs constant care and tidying up to prevent the appearance of disregard and to maintain a respected status in a neighborhood. Neglected trimmings can cause unfortunate accidents if someone trips and falls over them, a circumstance that may lead to claims of liability. Wood can rot and attract termites and ants that bring more problems that require your attention.

Blowing Off Trash and Branches from Residential and Commercial Parking Lots

Many municipalities have ordinances that require the clearing of parking lots, a possible safeguard as well as an artistic statement. Anyone who stumbles over trash or branches in a parking lot may suffer severe injuries, and the possibility of liability may exist. We can help you avoid any complaints by promptly blowing off any trash or branches that may appear on your property.

Choosing a Turf Program for Residential and Commercial Properties

Grasses surround homes and business buildings with so much beauty that they deserve protection from insects, diseases and weeds. A good carpet of grass helps cool the hot air, increase humidity and absorb dust while beautifying landscapes. Weeds compete with grass for nutrients, and pests can do extensive damage without chemical controls. Lawns need a turf program for different types of grasses to enable them to flourish and resist the harmful effects that can ruin a residential or commercial landscape.

Taking Action

At Advanced Pest & Weed, we serve the residents and commercial businesses in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas with lawn care expertise, equipment and trucks. Our insecticide and fungicide maintenance programs can correct existing problems and prevent new ones from occurring. Contact us for your lawn service needs.