Kermit, TX Pest & Weed Control

residentialSome call it a little slice of Heaven. We call it home. Kermit, along with surrounding area towns of Winkler County, is known for being a top oil and gas producer in the state of Texas. It's an area that's rich in minerals and even richer in small-town charm. From the painted frog on the town's water tower to the area's retro road signs, Kermit offers plenty to see and do. The area is home to champion bull rider Jim Sharp, but he's in good company. Kermit hosts regular bull riding events and welcomes hunters from all over the region each fall.

The people of Kermit are known for their Southern hospitality, but we draw the line when it comes to unwanted critters and pests in our homes or backyards. Whether you’re firing up the grill or rustling up dinner on a weeknight, nobody likes an unexpected guest. That’s when Advanced Pest & Weed Management steps in to save the day.

Pest Control Services

Advanced Pest & Weed Management offers a wide variety of services that can be packaged and tailored to fit your unique situation. Termites, ants, and cockroaches can’t hide from our top-notch service. Since our chemicals are safe for humans and pets, there is no need to relocate during treatment. We make it easy for our customers, and our helpful technicians are always available to evaluate your home or business in an effort to deter unwanted bugs and wildlife in the future.

Being eaten up by bed bugs? Termites feasting on your home? The West Texas climate, unfortunately, encourages certain bugs to thrive. Bed bug bites are often mistaken as mosquito or flea bites, but they often appear overnight. They can be difficult to remove without professional help, as are termites, which can harm your home's structural foundation. At Advanced Pest & Weed Management, we guarantee complete elimination and can set up both physical and chemical barriers to keep destructive bugs away from your home or business.

Lawn Care Services

One of the many ways we discourage unwanted pests in Kermit, Texas, is proper lawn maintenance. Removing trash, tree limbs and other debris from lawns make your home less inviting to bugs and wildlife.

West Texas landscapes require special treatment due to heat, humidity, and dust. Insecticide and fungicide programs are used to protect your investment and keep your property beautiful. Advanced Pest & Weed Management can maintain your lawn as well as remove trees and shrubs.

Call For A Free Quote

Don't delay in seeking treatment or lawn care for your Kermit residential or commercial property. Advanced Pest & Weed Management offers free quotes. Simply call one of our friendly technicians at 432-755-0519. We strive to make our services both affordable and convenient.