Commercial and School Pest Control

Proudly Serving all Commercial Pest Control in New Mexico & Southwest Tx

Do you manage a business, school, restaurant, or commercial property? If so, Advanced Pest and Weed Management can keep your property free of pests! Managing your own pest control on commercial property can be extremely challenging. That’s why we employ commercial pest control with proven results. Our commercial pest management programs control current infestations and provide ongoing prevention techniques that protect you from future pest problems.

Our commercial pest control services include:

Termite Control: Termites can be extremely costly to your business.We locate and eradicate termite colonies using a combination of baiting, chemical sprays, or fumigating.

Rodent Control: Rodent feces may carry dangerous pathogens. Our technicians are experts at trapping, baiting, and disposing of rodents and their droppings.

Roach Control: Cockroaches are extremely unsightly and may drive away customers. Our commercial roach control programs keeps your business free of these persistent pests.

Carpenter Ant Control: Don’t let carpenter ants destroy your building. Take advantage of our effective carpenter ant control.

Bird Control: Birds can cause a serious mess when they roost and build nests in and around your commercial property. Our commercial pigeon/bird control and bird exclusion methods humanely discourage birds from perching on your building.

Wildlife Management: We remove snakes, opossums, squirrels, armadillos, raccoons, and other intruding animals from commercial properties.

General Pest Control: We deliver pest protection around and inside buildings for general pest problems. This takes care of spiders, earwigs, fruit flies, and many other common insects.

Pest Proofing Contracts: Periodically pest proofing your business can save you money and headaches.

Not only do we take care of current pest problems, but we also identify access points used by pests to enter your business or industrial building. We block these access points using simple chemical and physical barriers. This keeps you safe from future pest invasions. We are dedicated to keeping your commercial property safe and free of pests. Call us today to schedule a free evaluation.