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Carlsbad, NM, is known for its hot, semi-arid steppe climate and below-average precipitation levels. The winters can still get pretty cold, and if your home is nice and toasty, you might be extending a welcome to some pests without knowing it. Advanced Pest & Weed Management has virtually seen it all, though, so you can rely on 24/7 in case of emergencies. If you only suspect a pest invasion at the moment, you can request a free consultation and estimate.


Rats and mice can enter through doors, windows, pipes, holes in the roof, and even weep holes on the side of your property. Like many other pests, they simply want a warm place to build a nest. They'll quickly become a nuisance and a health risk because they'll gnaw at your wood and tear at your insulation; they'll also strew your place with feces and urine stains. Coming into contact with their excrement - even breathing in air that's contaminated with it - can lead to the transmission of rodent-borne diseases like hantavirus. Rodents will bite when cornered, but they tend to do that when we're asleep as well.

Hopefully, you can catch them before they burrow a hole into your kitchen cabinets. Our company can seal up all the entry points and proceed with rodent removal, sanitizing the area afterward.


These pests come in all forms from the tan-colored German cockroach to the reddish-brown American cockroach to the frequent flyer, the Oriental cockroach. They all share similar characteristics, however: they all want food and warmth, and they'll crawl through the thinnest openings - be it a window crevice or a leaky pipe - to get it. Once they're in, they'll migrate to the kitchen area, perhaps hiding in the cupboards or in the kitchen drain. Moist areas are attractive to them, so they also hide in bathrooms and laundry areas. Signs of roaches include droppings that look like black peppers. If the infestation is really extensive, you might notice a musty odor.

Watch out for roaches because they can transmit illnesses like food poisoning and trigger asthma. A good rule to remember is that if you see one, assume that there are more. We'll most likely use fumigation to exterminate these pests.


Do you have any wood structures that directly touch the soil? Have you noticed tunnels in your walls and other wood structures, about the size of a pencil in width? Have you found discarded insect wings on your basement floor? These are all signs of subterranean termites. These are the most destructive termites because they can hollow out whole wood structures before the residents catch on. Drywood termites have smaller nests but can still wreak havoc on furniture, walls, and attic beams. These pests have permanent wings and live inside the wood itself.

The usual way of eliminating the drywood kind is localized fumigation, whereas subterranean termites are dealt with using a termiticide barrier treatment. There's also the more cost-effective method of setting up baiting systems.

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