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What to Do When You Find a Beehive on Your Property

You may wonder what to do when you find a beehive on your property. First, take a deep breath and relax. Do not remove or destroy a beehive. Finding a beehive does not justify having a nervous breakdown. Bees are useful and necessary creatures that pollinate apples, peaches and other natural food products. Next, try to ascertain the species. If you are convinced that honeybees built the hive, contact a local beekeeper for immediate assistance. A beekeeper may even remove the hive for free.

Here are a few useful tips about how to deal with other types of beehives located on your property:

Determine the Entry Point

Bees living inside your house present a problem. Try to find out how they invaded your home. After you determine their entry point, restrain yourself from the temptation to prevent other bees from entering the hive. Otherwise, the mischievous bees may decide to build several unwanted hives located in various parts of your home.

Do Not Invade Their Territory

Do not risk getting stung by bees. Never do anything that will cause the bees to feel agitated. Bees use their stingers as a form of self-defense. A bee does not normally use the stinger unless it is sufficiently upset. Consequently, it is a good idea to respect the bees and keep your distance. Do not walk or sit within close proximity to the beehive.

Respect a Bee's Privacy and Avoid an Unwanted Sting

Even though bees are fascinating insects to watch, getting stung is a rather unpleasant experience. Plus, you risk experiencing anaphylactic shock if you belong to the small minority of people who are allergic to bee stings. Anaphylaxis can cause you to experience swelling of the face or throat.

Quarantine the Beehive

A beehive in your house necessitates isolation tactics. Do your best to quarantine the hive. Put large, visible markers around a hive located on the interior or exterior of your home or backyard so that children are not tempted to trespass on the territory. A proper quarantine protects your dogs and cats from getting stung. Instruct curious household members to stay away from the bees and their hive.

Never Use Pesticides on Bees or Their Hives

Bees have specific legal advantages because the creatures are largely responsible for pollinating plants. Legal regulations prohibit using pesticides on bees. After you succeed in isolating the beehive from visitors, the next step is to contact your local exterminator.

A Pest Control Company is Your Best Bet

After you ensure that the bees are protected from unexpected visitors, contact Advanced Pest & Weed Management for professional advice. One of our trained exterminators will determine the proper and legal approach.

We proudly serve multiple Texas and New Mexico locations, so check out our service area today. If you are experiencing bee or wasp issues at your Roswell, New Mexico home or business, we can help!

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