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What to do when you find a bee hive on your property

If you see a bee hive on your property, the best thing that you can do is to leave it alone and let a pest control company get it down. You usually won't know for sure if there are bees inside or how many bees are inside if they are swarming around it until it's opened. If you knock the hive down, all of the bees will begin to swarm and could attack you. Advanced Pest can come to your home with the proper tools to safely remove the hive and eliminate the bees so that you are not harmed.

When you suspect that there is a hive on your property, you need to find out where it's located so that you can keep everyone away from it, especially children and pets. Don't let anyone play around and try to knock it down because this could aggravate the bees even more. A few common areas for hives include inside chimneys and inside the walls. You could also find a hive high in a tree or hanging from a corner of your home.

Any time that you're going around a beehive, you need to have the proper clothing and protective gear, such as gloves, a mask, and a veil. If you're allergic to bees, you shouldn't bother with the hive and let a pest control company get it down instead. Don't wear any kind of perfume or cologne if you plan on being around the hive as this will attract them to your skin and clothing.

Bees are usually most active in the middle of the day so that they can pollinate and find food. The early morning hours and the early evening hours are often the best times to locate a beehive or to attempt to get it down if you have the proper tools. Consider spraying insecticide around the hive at these times to try to kill as many bees as you can before the hive is removed. It might require spraying the hive a few times before the bees are dead. A hook with a long handle is often the best tool to use to remove the hive, placing it in a plastic bag once it's down.

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