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How to Tell When You Need Help With Weeds

Maintaining your lawn takes time and effort. Keeping it beautiful takes regular watering, fertilizing and weed control. If you have trouble with weeds in your yard, it might indicate an underlying problem with the turf. Advanced Pest & Weed Management has a few reasons why you might consider weed control when the weeds in your yard have completely grown out of control.

3 Reasons Why You Need Professional Weed Control

They just won't die.

You need professional weed control if you treat the weeds and they never die. You may be using the wrong product or trying a do-it-yourself method from an online source. Some weeds are resistant to certain herbicide formulas. In addition, some products may require a surfactant or an adjuvant for effective results. If you're not trained in weed control, you might be fighting an uphill battle.

They come back in the same spot.

You also need weed control if the weeds keep popping up in the same spot, especially if you pull them out of the ground completely. The same area could have seeds germinating below the surface. Sometimes you have to treat weeds with pre-emergent herbicides to prevent them from sprouting and taking over your lawn.

They've spread to other parts of the lawn.

You really need weed control if your property is covered with invasive weeds. Since weeds compete for resources, the more you have, the more risk they pose to the grass. After a while, your grass will disappear from the lawn, leaving behind nothing but various weed species. Having a professional weed control technician inspect your lawn and apply the appropriate treatments will prevent weeds from killing your grass.

Professional Lawn Care and Weed Control Services

Weeds can take over a lawn in a matter of weeks if they're left untreated. They compete with the grass for water and nutrients, putting a stranglehold on your lawn's root system and slowly suffocating it. Over time, the weeds will take over the entire yard and prevent future grass from growing. Advanced Pest & Weed Management will cater our weed control services to your specific needs and revive your lawn's natural beauty.

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