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Fall Weed Control

Taking care of your lawn does not end with summer. Weeds can still take over your lawn in winter too. Continuing the weed control through fall provides your lawn with extra protection in the spring.

Feeding Time

When preparing your lawn for winter, you will need to continue the weed control feedings through fall. The best time to begin the fall weed control is from August to November. This is an optimal time because the days and nights are starting to cool, and the plants can absorb more of the chemicals.

Not only do you want the temperature outside cooler, but you also want the soil temperature cooler to get the best possible results. The soil temperature needs to be 70 degrees or less for the application to work well.

Types of Applications

You can apply the weed control feeding by two different methods. The first is a liquid spray. You will use a sprayer to cover your lawn and plants with the chemical. You may have a little difficulty covering your lawn and plants evenly with the spray in the beginning. The other option is a granular weed killer that looks like sand. If you choose to use the granular method, you will apply the pesticides with a spreader. The sand-like material goes into a bucket that disperses onto the lawn as you walk behind.

Fall Feeding Benefits

Applying weed control to your lawn in the fall provides several benefits. The biggest benefit is the continuous control of weeds throughout the winter. During the winter, you may see an increase in clover. The fall application will help reduce or eliminate the clover.

The next benefit is that the feeding helps to strengthen the roots of the grass. The stronger roots will make it easier for the grass to start growing in the spring.

Another benefit for a fall treatment is the nutrients that the grass stores. During fall and winter, the grass slows its growing process. But even though growth is slower, it still needs the right nutrients to stay strong.

Advanced Pest and Weed Management can answer any questions you may have about fall weed control and treatment applications and provide you with a free estimate.

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