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Common Places to Find Rodents on Residential Properties

Rodents may not have invaded your living areas yet, but they could be lurking somewhere nearby on your property. Residential yards make great homes and hiding spots for field mice and other rodents. They can hide out in discarded tires, old kids' toys and clutter around the garage. If you want to keep rodents off your property, don't ignore the most obvious places.

3 Places to Find Rodents at Home

Trash Bins

Rodents enjoy raiding trash bins to get at the discarded food inside. They also steal pieces of trash and use it to help form their shelters and nests. Always keep the lids on your trash bins to prevent luring rodents into your yard. It's also a good idea to put up a protective cage around the bins to keep out cats, dogs and wildlife.

Old Debris

People often pile up wood, tires and other debris around their home. Over time, these debris piles attract rodents that are looking for places to build nests. In the winter, they settle down in the debris and may stay there through the spring, raising young and bearing another generation on your property. Removing excess clutter from your yard will give rodents fewer places to use as shelter.

Overgrown Grasses

Weeds don't just make a yard look unappealing; they also attract rodents from nearby fields and ditches. They can hide out easily in tall grasses and weed patches and stay safe from predators like owls and stray house cats. You should maintain your lawn on a regular basis to prevent overgrowth and to stop weeds from giving rodents a safe place to hide.

Rodents Won't Go Away on Their Own

Once rodents have built their nests, they will stay around until they're forced away. If they have access to food, then you could have generations of rodents living on your property for years to come. Keeping the trash covered and the debris picked up will help to prevent rodents from sniffing around your property. If you have an infestation or want added protection for the future, Advanced Pest & Weed Management can treat your property for rodents and keep them away every month.

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