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Common Pest Issues in Oil Fields

Oil fields often require specialized pest-control services. Our experienced professionals understand that oil fields have unique requirements for pest prevention and maintenance. These fields are often adjacent to areas where there are homes, yards, gardens and vacant properties. This means that there will be a wide variety of pests near the oil rigs. Pests can easily travel from these adjacent areas into the main oil field where the work is taking place. Advanced Pest and Weed Management offers unique solutions to meet the needs of oil field managers who need effective pest control.

Common Pests on Oil Fields

There are a variety of pests that may appear around an oil field. These critters are known for their ability to infest large areas of terrain, and the small insects often attract larger animals into the area. Weeds and vacant lots often become home to a variety of subterranean insects and other pests that thrive in these conditions. If the infestation gets out of control, these pests can damage the equipment by interfering with the proper functioning of the machines. Pest control also involves locating the breeding areas for critters and removing them from the areas where machines are located. Protect the workers and the equipment from potential damage by wild critters, insects, rodents and other common oil field pests.

Places where weeds grow freely can attract a variety of pests including the following:

Many of these critters live in the area where the oil fields are located, so they may display territorial behavior. Removing wildlife is a unique skill, and it requires special training, tools and equipment. These pests can present a danger to the health and safety of the workers. It is important to understand that there are many species of each pest, and they may have different breeding and mating habits. If the small insects and rodents are not removed from the area, they could build their nesting grounds close to where the workers are operating equipment. This can pose a liability problem for the company in the oil field. Professional pest control experts are trained to identify each pest correctly and take the appropriate measures for removal.

Advanced Pest & Weed Management

Our service professionals can assist you in every aspect of pest detection, removal and maintenance. If you are dealing with an infestation of pests on an oil field, your workers and equipment could be at risk. Learn about the different types of insects ad pests that might infest the oil field before deciding if the risk is great enough to warrant a professional removal service. Our friendly representatives can answer any additional questions you might have about pest control solutions for oil fields. Contact us at your earliest convenience.

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