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3 Ways to Keep Weeds Out of Your Lawn

As winter's gloom begins to fade away, your yard and garden will begin to come back into their full splendor. However, weeds can also begin sprouting up in your yard as temperatures begin to warm and spring rains spur new growth. Left unchecked, these weeds will spread throughout your yard, choking out the rest of your plants and marring your yard's appearance. Before weeds can establish themselves, it's important to take preventative measures to keep weeds out of your yard.

Regular Lawn Care Keeps Weeds in Check

Weeds are fast-growing invasive plants, but regular lawn care can prevent them from growing out of hand. Keeping your grass cut short will force weeds to spend extra energy re-growing their stems and leaves, reducing their ability to spread across your lawn. Reseeding any bare patches in your yard will reduce the opportunity for weed seeds to gain a foothold in your yard, and keeping dead plant material from accumulating on your lawn will reduce the nutrients available to fresh weeds.

Use Crowded Growth to Prevent Weeds

Like all plants, weeds need bare soil and nutrients to fuel their growth. If you minimize the space in between your desired plants, you won't give weeds many opportunities to establish themselves. In vegetable gardens and flower beds, plant in diamond shapes to reduce empty space between plants. Loosen the soil in your planting areas so that your plants can grow their roots downward, allowing you to pack them in tighter. In addition to crowding out weeds, following a crowded growth plan will give your flower beds and yard a more lush appearance.

Use Targeted Herbicides to Curtail Weed Growth

Although you should always seek to minimize your use of herbicides, there's no denying the effectiveness of weed-killing substances. If you have persistent problems with weeds, you can plant your lawn with grass mixes containing weed killers. New grass will grow in while killing any potential weeds. You can also use targeted treatments on stubborn weeds, killing the noxious plants before they can spread across the rest of your yard. If you prefer to use natural alternatives, vinegar, vodka and salt can also be used to kill unwanted plants. However, be sparing and targeted when using herbicides, even natural herbicides; overuse of these chemicals can damage your grass or other desired plants.

Weeds will always be an issue for any gardener or homeowner, but they don't have to consume your life. Regular yard work and careful preventive maintenance can eliminate weed problems before they grow out of control. If your yard has a bigger weed problem than you can manage on your own, the experts at Advanced Pest & Weed Management can help. We proudly provide our service area with a weed control program that will eliminate weeds while preserving the natural beauty of each yard.

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