Belen, NM Pest & Weed Control

weedcontrolSituated on the west bank of the Rio Grande in the Albuquerque Basin, Belen has a semiarid desert climate that supports a variety of pests. As environmental conditions change, these animals may discover that your home is a more reliable source of food and water. The area’s low rainfall can also take a toll on landscaping. Unhealthy lawns and plants attract various bugs and insects that can invade your house. An overgrowth of weeds detracts from your home’s curb appeal. Taking the time and proper steps to perform pest control and lawn care can be challenging, but it is essential to protect the value of your home and landscaping.

Pest Control

You want your home to be comfortable and pest free. In addition to creating embarrassing situations, pests can cause significant property damage and threaten the wellbeing of your family and guests. Termites and carpenter ants chew through wood, which can weaken structural supports, resulting in significant repair costs. In addition to gnawing on wood, rodents strip the insulation from electrical wiring. This hazardous situation can cause a short circuit that starts a fire. Various pests can contaminate food and countertops with their waste products and spread a number of pathogens, including salmonella. Stinging insects like mosquitoes and wasps can prevent you from enjoying your outdoor living spaces.

Eliminating an infestation is difficult because most of the insects are sheltered in locations that are seldom visible or easily accessible. You must ensure that the bait and other treatments reach those in the nest. Our technicians know where pests hide and have the expertise required to eliminate an existing infestation while helping prevent future problems. Along with having peace of mind, you will be able to enjoy your home and yard.

Lawn Care

Controlling weeds creates a lush lawn that demonstrates your pride of ownership. Effective lawn care demands more than mowing and watering. Even low maintenance xeriscapes are susceptible to chickweed, dandelions, thistle and other unsightly weeds that can rob your lawn of water and other nutrients. Taking steps to eliminate weeds and strengthen the root system enables your grass to grow greener and healthier while eliminating bare spots and brown patches. Hosting fewer weeds, a healthy lawn is also less attractive to pests.

Busy schedules may make it difficult to devote the time required to care for your landscaping properly. Another potential obstacle to having a great lawn is the knowledge required to prevent or eradicate weeds without damaging ornamental plantings. Our weed control service includes the application of pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control products specifically customized for each season and the condition of your landscaping. The professional services of Advanced Pest and Weed Management prevent weeds from taking control of your lawn and make your outdoor spaces more inviting.

Professional Pest Control and Lawn Care Services

To protect the investment that you have made in your home, you should take proactive steps to prevent a pest infestation and preserve the curb appeal of your landscaping. Our skilled team of professionals has the expertise and equipment required to develop and implement a customized treatment plan for your unique situation. This targeted approach provides a more effective solution than the use of commercially available consumer products. Contact Advanced Pest and Weed Management for more information and a free, no-obligation quote.