Bee and Wasp Control

Bee Management in NM, Southwest Texas, Oklahoma

Bees can sometimes turn into serious pests in the right numbers, and in the wrong places. At APWM we have developed a series of effective bee control services to handle your needs that may  arise. Advanced Pest & Weed Management takes numerous steps in efforts to be environmentally responsible in bee management.

From Friend to Foe…Wasp Control

As long as there are a few wasps here and there, nobody minds. In the right circumstances, wasps don’t pose much of a threat other than the rare possibility of a sting. But if wasps breed extremely quickly on your property and get out of hand, it may be time to call APWM for wasp control services.

We Find Them Where They Hide

Wasps are especially adept at building hives in hard-to-reach places. At Advanced Pest & Weed Management, we possess the training, expertise, and skills to ferret out hazardous wasp populations. Additionally, our wasp control services are always done in as eco-friendly a fashion as possible.