Artesia, NM Pest Control

Artesia, New Mexico, is a peaceful town that 10,000 residents are proud to call home, and anyone who prefers moderate winters and sunny summers will not have trouble enjoying the climate. The town does not receive much tourism, but that does not bother the locals. If you live or work in the area, then you already know that pests are one of the biggest problems, and a lot of people are unsure of how to move forward.

When you need a way to address the problem, learning about the common pests and the dangers that they present is a wise move. Although you can spot a range of pests, bedbugs and rodents often cause more damage than the others.


Insects can be annoying for both residents and business owners, but most of them are not a source of major concern. Bedbugs, though, are terrifying pests that can be all but impossible to eliminate, and you will likely have a large infestation before you notice the warning signs. People sometimes believe that keeping their homes and buildings clean will prevent bedbugs from inviting themselves inside, but that is only a myth.

If you enter an infested area, bedbugs can get onto your clothes, bags and personal belongings, invading your house when you return. Also, if you invite people into your home who are dealing with these parasites, it won't be long until you are the next victim. After they build a nest, they will come out at night to drink the blood of a human host.


If you see one mouse or rat in your home, you likely have dozens more that are not far away. Any hole in the outside walls of your house is enough for rodents to launch an invasion. They are incredibly resourceful and can chew through almost anything, including your electrical wires. If a rodent causes one of your wires to short out, you will be at risk for a fire, but the invaders won't waste much time if they see the chance to get into your kitchen.

When rodents find a way to access your food, they will contaminate it, chewing through bags and containers. Because rodents can spread diseases to humans, you will need to address the problem as soon as you notice it. Homeowners often travel to the store to buy traps and poisons with hopes of combating the invasion, but at-home solutions don't always offer dependable results.

Advanced Pest & Weed Management

If rodents, bedbugs or other pests have entered your home or office to cause trouble, you can turn to Advanced Pest & Weed Management to get the situation under control. When you reach out to us, we will take some time to learn about your infestation so that we can plan the best possible approach. Because our team has a lot of experience with pest management, your invaders won't stand a chance when we arrive at your door.

We understand how much stress pests can cause residents to experience, and we will have your back. If you want to get started and to put your fears to rest, give us a call, and we are confident that you will be pleased with your decision.