Albuquerque, NM Pest Control Services

Albuquerque is a growing city with plenty to offer new residents and businesses. Many people relocate here for the milder climate and lower humidity. Unfortunately, the area is also preferred by many pests, and these pests rely on humans to keep their colonies going in Albuquerque.

Roach Control

Roaches enter homes through ducts, vents, pipes and tiny cracks in walls or windowsills. These pests are in search of food, dry air and water. Roaches spread bacteria, and small children can pick up the bacteria since their curiosity leads them to touch everything. Roaches are also unsightly and can scare home occupants or guests. They get into some food containers and packages. Roach hotels and traps are only effective for catching a few of these pests. However, DIY traps wind up posing more of a danger to children and pets than doing any good. The only way to eradicate roach colonies is with professional methods and substances.

Rodent Control

The raccoon is one of the most common rodent pests in Albuquerque. It enters homes through open doors but is often seen outside near trash cans. Unfortunately, this pest is aggressive and can carry rabies. The same is true with possums. They are often found in garbage cans or in secluded areas of a yard. Children and pets may be bitten by these pests and will need a rabies vaccine if they are bitten. Rats and mice are also common rodent pests. They enter homes through cracks under doors, along windows or in the foundation. Their droppings may contain viruses, and rat urine may contain listeria. Do not use DIY poisons or traps for these pests. Many children and pets have been hurt by traps and have been injured or killed by poisons. Pest control professionals have more effective solutions that are less dangerous.

Wasp Control

Wasps can live in nests under the eaves of a home or garage, and some types of wasps burrow in the ground. Children or adults who walk barefoot or with sandals outside can be stung by these pests. Wasps are known to be aggressive, and the ones that make nests under the eaves of homes or garages often attack and sting people as they leave or enter the home. Trying to remove a wasp nest is dangerous and will result in multiple stings. For some people, the stings may trigger a dangerous allergic reaction that requires immediate medical treatment. Sprays from home improvement stores are ineffective, and trying to torch a wasp nest unsuccessfully in the dry climate of Albuquerque could start a costly fire.

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