What’s Different about Pest Control for Oil Fields?

Rodents, insects and a host of other pests are well known for invading homes and offices, causing damage to property and even disease. But these nuisances are not satisfied with infesting only homes and office spaces. They can also be found in places more removed from civilization. In New Mexico and West Texas, those places include oil fields that supply much of our domestic energy.

As when these pests invade homes and offices, they also cause problems when they infest oil fields. However, while there are many similarities between pest control in the home or office and pest control in oil fields, there are also significant differences. These differences must be taken into account in order to effectively manage pests where oil is pumped from the ground.

Environmental Factors

Oil fields are outdoor locations that are not tended in the same way that the yards of homes or grounds of office buildings are cared for. Weeds and even areas of overgrown bush often characterize oil fields, providing fine habitats for outdoor pests such as snakes and rabbits. Effective pest control in oil fields, therefore, usually requires some kind of weed control in addition to the application of pesticides and traps that normally suffices to take care of pests in homes or commercial buildings.

Pipes and Equipment

Many pests are looking for dark spaces in which to hide and build their nests. The many pipes and pieces of machinery found in oil fields are magnets for pests who are looking for dark nooks and crannies. They can get in meter boxes, find abandoned pipes or pipes not currently in use, and get into crevices in machines, towers, pumps and more that are hard for people to access. This can make finding and dealing with pests more challenging in oil fields than in other locations.

Larger Animals

Mice and rats are common pests in homes and offices, but oil fields often suffer from invasions of creatures that are much larger than those rodents. Raccoons, enormous pack rats, rock squirrels nearly two feet in length and other animals frequently dwell in oil fields but are less common in other areas. Comprehensive pest management approaches must be applied to deal with these oil field critters.

Dorms and Trailers

Although there are many differences between pest control in homes or offices and pest control in oil fields, there are some similarities. The dormitories and trailers often found in oil fields also attract roaches, mice and other pests often found in homes and offices. So, a comprehensive oil field pest solution will take care of these more traditional pests and those nuisance species that are found only in oil fields.

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