Signs of a Gopher Invasion

While gophers may look harmless, they can cause serious damage to your property if an infestation is left unchecked. They pose a threat to your utility cables, water lines, sprinkler systems, garden, trees and irrigation pipes. The following are the primary signs of a gopher invasion.

Primary Signs of Infestation

There are several ways that you can properly identify a gopher infestation on your property. The easiest way to spot a gopher infestation is to look for mounds throughout your property. They will make underground tunnels and use these mounds to get back to the surface.

Gophers can inflict serious damage on your garden in a short amount of time, potentially ruining your plants and fruit. Keep an eye on your garden if you suspect that there are gophers on your property. Damage to trees can also be an indication of a gopher infestation. Look out for any damage near the roots of your trees.

Preventing Gopher Infestation

There are several effective methods of keeping gophers off of your property. Create a perimeter of fencing around your property that extends to at least one foot underground. They can and will attempt to dig under a standard fence, so underground fencing will prevent this.

Cats and dogs are natural predators for gophers, so allowing your pets to roam throughout your property can potentially scare off any gophers. If you’re looking to protect your garden, use raised plant beds.

These beds will prevent gophers from reaching your plants from underground. You can also use special netting to achieve this as well.

Gopher traps are another effective way of dealing with a gopher infestation. Set these traps near their mounds or your garden, and safely release the gopher far away from your property. Make sure to wear clothing that will protect your skin, because the gopher may bite you and transmit disease if it feels threatened by your presence.

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