Securing Your Shed from Snakes

Few thoughts are more unnerving than working around your home and stumbling upon a snake. A homeowner should be able to go into every part of his or her property, including a storage shed, without fear of slithering invaders. Arm yourself with helpful tips for keeping your shed free of snakes.

Make a Clean Sweep

If you are serious about making your storage area a no-snake zone, then you want to get busy in making the area clean and neat. Snakes love to hide, so you will want to rid your area of anything that can become a nest or hideaway. Remove clutter and debris from inside the shed, and overgrowth and overhanging plants from around the perimeter. By doing a thorough purging of your shed, you are not only protecting yourself from snakes but making your area more productive and workable for you.

Secure Your Space

After clearing out your area, do a thorough inspection for any cracks or holes that provide entrance ways for your unwanted raiders. Examine both the interior and exterior walls, ceiling, corners, and floor. What may have been hidden before should now be in plain view. Identify the type of opening and research the best way to mend it. Be ready to repair the cracks or holes with durable caulking, weather seal or boarding.

Shut Down the Food Supplies

Like most invaders, one of the main things that snakes are looking for is food. Be sure you are not unintentionally providing other pests as meals for snakes. Examine your shed for signs of chewing or shredding that may indicate that you have rodents or other invaders living in your shed. Immediately clear your area and take steps to permanently rid your property of rodents. Once you cut off the food source, snakes are much less likely to want to take up residence there.

Stink up the Place

After ridding your shed from debris, openings, and pests, it is time to add some things to make your shed even less appealing to snakes. Snakes are master smellers. With the flick of their tongues, they can pick up a scent from anywhere in the area. Use that strength against them by filling your shed with an aroma of mothballs or sulfur. If you would rather keep it more pleasant for yourself, you may choose essential oils such as cinnamon or clove to drive snakes far away.

By following these practical steps, you will make your shed less inviting to snakes. But don’t stop there. Seek professional help for ridding your property of snakes once and for all. Contact Advanced Pest and Weed Management  for a consultation today. Our professional team can help you wipe out the threat of snakes and many other common pests so that you can fully enjoy your home.

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