Pests You Will Find in Your Garden

One of the most frustrating things for any plant and garden grower is seeing damage done to your precious vegetation. No, not sabotage from other humans. Rather, it’s pests that love inviting themselves into your garden and wreaking havoc. Whether it’s poking holes through your vegetables and soiling them or simply gnawing on the leaves of your plants, pests are flat-out annoying. Here are some pests to look out for within your garden.


Innocent looking, sure. The keyword there, however, is looking. Caterpillars are far from innocent when it comes to destroying what you have grown. These little guys love to burrow within fruit and vegetables along with eating leaves and other parts of your plants.


There are many different types of beetles, such as the Colorado Potato Beetle and Flea Beetle. One thing remains constant, however, and that is their disruption of your garden. Beetles tend to dig through vegetables and not so much fruit. However, they will eat through just about anything and leave larvae behind that cause long-term damage to your plants.


These sap-sucking insects can be very difficult to deal with. Similar to the beetle, they chew and bite their way through anything in their path. Perhaps the most annoying thing about these critters is their feces, which contain honeydew and supports the growth of mold.

Pack Rats

Moving away from insects, pack rats are also commonly found destroying gardens. These quick creatures nibble on everything and love to set up nests. Of course, the production of nests means the production of more pack rats, so it’s best to catch these guys and get rid of them immediately.


Among the more concerning pests to be found is the snake. Of course, the danger of a snake can vary greatly. Only 8 of the 46 types of snakes in New Mexico are poisonous or pose a lethal threat. One interesting thing about snakes is that they can often be beneficial to a garden, eating some of the smaller pests that are more concerned with eating your plants.

Cabbage Worm

The desire of these pests is pretty self-explanatory. Cabbage worms fiend for cabbage-based plants and burrow themselves into their roots. They are amongst the most destructive of garden pests and can multiply into big numbers, so preventing a full infestation of these is crucial to your garden’s health.

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