Four Ways You Invite Pests into Your Home

Pests can execute a break-in with such stealth that it may seem as if they phase through your very walls. Indeed, pests are sneaky, but that doesn’t mean that there are not ways to stop them from entering your place of residence. To keep your house pest free, avoid these four ways that you may be inadvertently allowing, or even encouraging pests into your home, and learn what to do about each of them.

Leaving Out Food

The best way to keep pests out of your house is to refrain from giving them a reason to come in in the first place. Everything that’s alive needs to eat, and that includes bugs and insects, so make sure that all food in your house is put away, that your counters and floors are cleaned, and that you dry up any standing water sources in sinks and showers. Remember, even the smallest crumb can give a cockroach enough to live on, so be as thorough as possible.

Poorly Sealed Doors

Doors are supposed to allow some people inside and keep others out; however, pests are not familiar with the conventions of private property. If they see an opportunity to get inside your house through a crack or gap in your doorframe, they’re going to take it, so re-caulk any openings in your entryway, and for added protection, install a nylon sweep to your door seal.

Having Cracks in Your House’s Perimeter

Of course, pests don’t need a door to get inside your house. Any openings around your home, such as those which comes from vents, cables, pipes, exhaust fans, and AC units are possible entry points for pests, not to mention any miscellaneous cracks in your foundations and the siding on your house. Mice can crawl through any hole larger than a nickel in diameter, so just think how easy it can be for termites to get inside. Make sure to seal around pipes and cables wherever they emerge outside your house, caulk larger openings and stuff them with a copper mesh, and check alongside your house where the walls and foundations meet to make sure everything is as airtight as possible.

Improperly Maintained Lawns

Finally, pests will be much more likely to move into your house if they enjoy your lawn. And the sort of lawns which pests enjoy are overgrown with a lot of puddles from too much watering. Pests such as mosquitoes and crickets love tall grass as it gives them places to hide and reproduce, so keep your lawn short. Also, don’t water to the point where puddles form; you don’t want to give pests any free drinking water.

Pests may seem like an unstoppable part of life which no one can prepare against; however, there are ways to keep them at bay. Just a little effort can greatly reduce your risk of an infestation. For more information, or to receive quality pest control services, contact Advanced Pest & Weed today.

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