Five Myths About Bed Bugs

Most health experts agree that the spread of bed bugs has become an epidemic. As more people begin to experience the effects of bed bugs, widespread paranoia increases as well. However, instead of panicking, the best defense against bed bugs is to understand them and how they behave. Here are five myths about bed bugs which should be corrected.

Bed Bugs Only Live in Beds.

Given their name, many people assume that bed bugs only live in beds. However, bed bugs can be found in couches, clothes and carpets, as well as in movie theatres, taxis and offices. People often assume that bed bugs only live in beds because the bed is where bed bugs bite the most, but bed bugs can hide nearly anywhere.

Bed Bugs Are Invisible.

Bed bugs are sometimes thought of as microscopic organisms that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Actually, bed bugs, though small, are visible without the use of a microscope, and are roughly the size of an apple seed.

You Can Freeze Them to Death.

There’s a rumor which suggests that putting your mattress outside overnight in the cold will freeze bed bugs. However, not only do bed bugs hide in multiple parts of the house besides just the mattress, but bed bugs can survive for days in sub-zero temperatures. In fact, bed bugs are much more threatened by heat than cold

Bed Bugs Only Feed at Night.

It appears that bed bugs only come out during the night time. They often do, but not because this is a natural habit for them. Bed bugs adapt to your sleeping patterns to find the best time to eat. Though, if someone sleeps in the day and is out at night, bed bugs will create a routine of eating in the daytime.

Bed Bug Bites Look Different From Any Other Bite.

The welts that bed bugs leave on the skin look no different from spider bites, mosquito bites, or wasp stings. The only thing that separates bed bug marks from any other skin mark is the way they are clustered together. Bed bugs will typically bite in one area, moving only a small distance between bites, leaving tight groups of welts in one spot.

Bed bugs are the subjects of much fear and disgust. However, many myths about them continue unchallenged. The best way to prepare for them is to understand what they are and how they behave. If you have any further questions about dealing with bed bugs feel free to Contact us.

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