Common Fall Weeds Found in Your Yard

Lawn care is a critical part of any comprehensive pest control plan, and this includes weed management systems. Weeds can attract the type of pests that serve as a food supply for larger ones, so it is critical that you address this particular problem with professioanl weed control services.

Consider the following common fall weeds that can grow in your yard:

  1. Dandelions: Many people remain unaware that the dandelion is a weed. This particular weed appears to have a form that is similar to a flower, but it is capable of destroying the soil. Although this weed is edible during the early stages, it should never be consumed if pesticides are used in the area.
  2. Crabgrass: This is a weed that is common during the early part of the fall. It thrives in hot temperatures, and it will tend to fare better in dry areas where the humidity is relatively low. To eliminate this weed, it is necessary to pull out the roots. This requires more labor than many homeowners are able to invest, so using the services of a professional company might be necessary.
  3. Chickweed: This is a weed that has two distinctive species. The first is the perennial chickweed, and the second is the annual chickweed grass. This weed will form in patches in both lawns and gardens, and they are both difficult to control. However, the roots do not go deep into the soil, so it is relatively easy to remove them with a hoe or by hand.
  4. Purslane: This is a weed that will be present during the earliest parts of the fall, but it can also appear in the late months of summer. The plant will grow in areas where the soil is fertile, and it is capable of remaining in the soil for many years.
  5. Shepherd’s Purse: This is an annual flowering type of weed that can reproduce via seeds. It grows during the cooler parts of the year, and you can control the spread of the plant by digging out the roots in the fall before it gets a chance to seed.

Advanced Pest & Weed Management

Our company is in the business of pest control, and we handle all aspects of this problem. This includes addressing the conditions that create an environment where pests can thrive. Pest control experts can handle a variety of weeds that grow in residential areas, and we offer a maintenance program that will ensure a pest free yard all year long. If you have problems with weed control, you can always contact us for a quote on our services at any time. Our friendly representatives can answer all of your questions about our prices and procedures.

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