5 Ways to Keep the Bees at Bay

It’s difficult to enjoy a meal outside with friends when you’re trying to dodge a swarm of flying poison darts, commonly known as bees. Bees can turn any barbeque or picnic into a game of defend the food. If you, like most people, have had enough of that game, here are five ways to keep bees out of your backyard.

Mow Your Grass

There are numerous reasons to keep your lawn trim, one of which is to prevent it from becoming a safe haven for pests. Insects like bees love tall grass, as it gives them an easy place to hide and take shelter. Mow your yard at least once a week to keep it pest free.

Close Your Garbage Cans

The smell of garbage can attract bees from all over town. Even though it may make human’s want to flee the premises, open garbage cans will make your house a hit with the local pests, so keep your garbage can lids closed at all times. Also, make sure your bags are sealed tight, and that you throw your garbage out right away instead of allowing it to sit for long periods of time.

Distract Them

If you’re having a party, and no matter what you do, the bees are deciding to invite themselves, then try to distract them away from you and your guests. Take a paper plate and smear on it some maple syrup, soda, juice, sugar or cake crumbs. Then put the plate on the other end of your yard away from the party.

Natural Deterrents

As a continuation to the previous step, there are also many natural ways to keep the bees out of your hair. Everyday items such as moth balls, cloves, cinnamon, urinal cakes, peppermint, baby powder, garlic and marigolds can be used to drive these pests always while you enjoy your meal.

Use a Canopy Net

Finally, if you’re having so much trouble with bees that you want to get them out of your life in one fell swoop, invest in a netted canopy tent and raise it over your eating area. If your having an especially large get-together, it may be difficult to fit everyone underneath, but a group of six or seven friends and family members will be able to enjoy themselves inside one of these canopies, and you won’t have to deal with a single pest.

Bees are one of the most aggressive pests you’ll run into, and personal space is not a concept they understand. Follow the advice above, and hopefully your next barbecue will be completely bee free. For more information, or to receive quality pest control services, contact Advanced Pest & Weed today.

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