3 Tips for MidWest Lawn Care

Whether you own a house, rent an apartment or own commercial property, your landscaping makes a big impression on your property. Such positive “curb appeal” gives those passing by an impression of your character even before they meet you. Because having well-maintained lawns and other landscaping has such an impact on a property and your character, here are three tips to care for your lawn in the MidWest.

#1 Control the Weeds

Making sure dandelions and other noxious weeds do not take over your lawn have a big impact on the visual appeal. When weeds begin to grow in the grass or your flower beds, it distracts from all the time and effort you put into landscaping your property.

When people see your home or commercial building, their eyes are drawn to the spreading morning glory, crab grass, white clover or black medic. If you have a hard time keeping the weeds down and would like help from professionals, check out our page dedicated to controlling weeds.

#2 Remove Debris

Similarly to how weeds lessen a property’s visual appeal, debris like trash makes your lawn very untidy. Whether you have a wind storm the night before or strangers littered in your landscaping, make sure you pick up any trash. Discarded newspapers and pop cans distract from the natural beauty of your lawn.

When you do have debris in your yard or flower beds, simply get a trash bag and pick it up with some gloves. However, if you do not have the time to do that, then call professionals. Here at Advanced Pest and Weed Management, we have the equipment necessary to pick up trash and other debris in minutes.

#3 Incorporate Trees and Shrubs

Having trees and shrubs adds dimension, interest and depth to any home or commercial property’s landscaping. However, even though trees and shrubs look nice, sometimes they are a hassle when limbs and branches become strewn across your yard after a thunderstorm. If you find that picking up branches on your property after every single storm is cumbersome, then call Advanced Pest and Weed Management.

When you have well-manicured lawns and weedless flower beds, especially for commercial properties, guests see you as a responsible individual who cares about their property. Keep your lawn and flower beds free of weeds, debris, and fallen branches. For more information about the lawn and pest control services we provide, call us today.

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